Nick is a natural researcher with great analytical skills in Quant and Qual which spans everything from technology to people. As well as having a keen mind for data, Nick has great people skills which makes him invaluable member to any team - and also importantly a diligent, impartial and insightful user researcher.
— John Knight, Head of UX at Fjord | Accenture

About the research I do

I conduct a mixture of practice-lead, open-ended and structured research that seeks to engage people in the design process. For the last 5 years I've been using user-centred design practices as part of the technology design and build process.

I'm experienced with defining the structure of research and designing experiences and prototypes that helps to give research depth and focus. As part of this I conduct interviews, engage in contextual enquiries and run workshops. These are used as to represent a wide range of actors in the design.  


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