I'm a design researcher

I’m a design researcher with 6-years’ experience leading and championing user-centred design as a way of building better products and services. As a researcher I conduct semi-structured interviews, usability testing, fieldwork and participatory workshops to uncover common themes about the experiences of service users and interests of stakeholders. As a designer I seek to understand how the existing ecosystem behaves, looking at each scenario in turn to build a picture of problems and opportunities. I then map these insights to observed user problems to condense, organise and re-structure services, seeking out stakeholders and end users to participate in the design process.

I believe that a design-led and participatory toolkit of methods employed throughout the service lifecycle can help to maintain this simple vision, whilst avoiding an externalisation of the service's increasing complexity as it develops. I have developed my own design methodology over a 10-year career in tech and a 15-month MA at Goldsmiths University.